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Get ready for new iPhones on September 10Following an AllThingsD report that Apple is planning an iPhone-related media event on September 10, The Loop's Jim Dalrymple has come out with a "yep." Even though Apple hasn't officially announced anything yet, his one word response is as good as a confirmation, so it's time to circle the date on your calendar.

Apple has been expected to introduce new iPhone models soon, especially since iOS 7 will be shipping some time this fall.

Rumors claim Apple will be adding a fingerprint sensor to the new iPhone model and that a lower cost iPhone will join the lineup, too. If so, Apple will most likely drop its current business model where it sells previous iPhone versions at a discount.

Just because Apple will be hosting an iPhone even on September 10, don't expect to see new models on store shelves the same day. Apple typically announces the new iPhone models and then pre-sells before shipping to customers and stores. That makes a September 10 new product announcement fit with Wells Fargo analyst Shaw Wu's prediction that updated iPhones will ship on September 27.

Apple hasn't released an official announcement yet, but with AllThingsD and The Loop both saying the event is coming it's pretty safe to say we'll be seeing what the company has up its sleeve on September 10.

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Looks like September will be a busy month for Apple. New iPhone announcements means iOS 7 can't be far away.

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It would make sense if iOS7 came out the same day as the new iPhones.
My question would be if it’s going to be an all iOS event with new iPads as well.


Oh, and one more thing…


...a 4k resolution 27” iPad Pro.

Lee Dronick

The low cost, feature crippled, iPhone for which tech pundits have been clamoring.

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