iOS 7: Hiding Stocks and Customizing Today View in Notification Center

The "Today" view in iOS 7's Notification Center can be pretty useful. It tells you the current date, weather conditions, upcoming appointments, and even how your stocks are doing. But what if you don't want one or more of these things in your "Today" list? Fortunately there's a way to customize it and it's pretty easy.

Customizing the Today View in Settings

I personally like everything the "Today" view has to offer except for the stocks. It just takes up space as far as I'm concerned. So to customize the Today list, start by heading to the Settings app. From there, tap Notification Center and scroll down just a bit to the "TODAY VIEW" heading. From there, simply toggle the items you want off and voilà!

If you'd like to rearrange the order in which these items show up in the list, that's easy, too. Just tap the Edit button in the upper-right and drag each section to the spot you'd like it to be.

As a bonus, if you want to customize the list of stocks in the Today view, all you have to do is edit the list of stocks in Stocks app itself.