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I don't know what it is about After Dark screensavers, but it's clear we can't get enough. In 2002, we were excited about it coming to OS X. Last year, I noted that After Dark (and Rose 2.0) had been resurrected as freeware apps. Now we can enjoy After Dark in our browsers, so celebrate!

Flying Toasters

After Dark Flying Toasters in Your Browser

Bryan Braun has released After Dark in CSS, reproductions of the After Dark screensavers powered by the magic of modern CSS right in your browser. In addition to the examples I showed here, there's Fish, Globe, Hard Rain, Bouncing Ball, Warp, Messages, Messages 2, Fade Out, Logo, Rainstorm, and the Randomizer, too.


After Dark Spotlight in Your Browser

It's free and a few taps away, so have a blast from the past and step back to 1989.

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Christian D Boyce

This link lets you choose from the various After Dark screensavers:



Is the diggin’ dog available? The lawnmower?

Christian D Boyce

Unfortunately, “Lawn Mower Man” is not included. Neither is diggin’ dog. I particularly wanted to see the Lawn Mower Man but even without it, the website is a great effort and much appreciated!

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