Get Down with Your Optical Discs & Burn with Disco

Product Link : Disco (Freeware)

Sure, OS X will allow you to burn your content to an optical disc, but the options are pretty basic. Via the Finder, you can drag content to a CD in the sidebar, and burn a single session. If you want to get multisession support, you can fiddle with disk images in Disk Utility, and make sure to choose the “Leave disc appendable” checkbox. Fortunately, there are so many more options available in the program Disco.

The preferences allow you to customize the disc as soon as you insert it. You can auto append the date to the discs name, auto append the date when it’s untitled (often the default) and even have the program warn you when a disc is untitled. To make the most of your write-once media, you can choose to use sessions for custom discs, add new session to session discs, and even use sessions for copied discs.

DiscoDisco Offers Several Burn Options

Disco offers great flexibility when burning discs, supporting Mac HFS+, PC Joliet, Hybrid, ISO 9660 and UDF formats. When creating images, you can choose from DMG, CDR or ISO formats. When creating discs or disk images, one can enable the Discography feature, which will index the content stored on the disc so you can later use Disco to search for a file, and it will identify the name of the disc the item is on.

Other interesting features including spanning of large files across multiple discs, checking your motion sensor to pause burning if your machine is bumped and you don’t want a coaster, and a smoke effect during burning, which will even react accordingly if you blow on the microphone.

So get the most out of your optical drive and media, and check out Disco today! Have any other Gadgets that help with your optical media? Send an email to John and he’ll check it out.