Get Free Internet At The InterContinental San Francisco for WWDC

You’ve come to know TMO as the place where you can find hotel deals for both Macworld Expo and WWDC. This year we’re here again for you, but the deal is a little different.

This time we’re experimenting with a new place, and we’d like to invite you to join us in the experiment. Our quest, of course, is for high-quality, high-speed Internet access in a hotel. Yes, we know we’d probably have an easier time finding unicorns in our backyards, but we might just have found it at the InterContinental San Francisco. After planting a few spies here during Macworld Expo and other conferences, initial reports were that the high-speed was, well, high-speed. Yep, that’s right — the people who stayed here found they weren’t limping along like they were sharing a 56k modem connection with a tribe of YouTube-obsessed 14-year-olds. Instead, the connection was fast, easy, and it worked.

We contacted the hotel management and discussed this with them. The answer is that they’ve spent quite a bit of money on their guestroom Internet infrastructure. Whereas most hotels plug in a Linksys router and hope for the best, the InterContinental SF actually hired a network design team to come in and help to segment the bandwidth so that when you DO happen to have a YouTube-obsessed 14-year-old in the room next door, his downloads won’t negatively impact your ability to check your email and browse the web.

So we’re experimenting for WWDC, and the InterContinental will offer their high-speed access for free to anyone who comes and experiments along with us. Just { title=email us your name and confirmation number} by end-of-day, May 27th, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We aren’t able to off you a discount on the room price itself this time around because of some pre-existing limitations, but go ahead and book through WWDC for your $199/night rate, and then let us know and we’ll pass your details along to the hotel to get your Internet access comp’ed.

Then, once you return, come back and leave a comment telling us how it went. Assuming it goes well, we’ll work to get you a real discount for the next time around!