Video Shows Microsoft’s Courier Tablet Interface

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Gizmodo has posted a video (see below) demonstrating the user interface of Microsoft's rumored tablet project, Courier. The site said that the video is an internal Microsoft demo that was produced by a third party company working with Microsoft, the same company that produced other videos leaked to Gizmodo on the Courier project.

The user interrace being demonstrated in the video is merely a particular instance of one of the concepts Big Redmond is supposedly working on for the device, which is itself possibly aiming for the same space that Apple is targeting for its own rumored handheld tablet project.

In this version, Courier is designed around the "Infinite Journal," which is used to write in, manage agendas, view and manage contacts, develop (and present) a presentation, browse the Web, and browse files, all with finger gestures and the use of the "Courier Pen," a stylus.

As Gizmodo pointed out, there is no keyboard - virtual or physical - present in the demo, and all input is done with the above-mentioned Pen and finger gestures.

Courier User Interface from Gizmodo on Vimeo.



Nice. Hopefully, it won’t crash as often as Windoze grin


Microsoft historically has used tactics to derail competition that has better products coming out than MS has to offer.  It uses:  (1) FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), (2) Embrace, extend, and extinguish, and (3) vaporware.

This is clearly a vaporware tactic to deflate all the hype over an upcoming Apple tablet.  Microsoft has a history of announcing vaporware that never makes it to market, but Microsoft has successfully used vaporware in the past to counter competition.

This is a new version of the vaporware tactic by using a 3D animation of a product, but this is not a product.  Sure, they may be working on something like this in R&D, but there is no indication that Microsoft has a serious prototype of this or that it will ever come to market. 

If they actually showed a real hand using a real device, it would be entirely different.

This is sneaky Microsoft trying to recapture the tablet mindshare that it is already losing to Apple before Apple has even announced anything.

Give me a break

That video doesn’t show a PRODUCT, it’s a freaking cartoon! There’s a big difference between showing a product and a cartoon of what something might be able to do. Being MS this thing will never actually work like that even if it does someday ship.


Cool concept, but that is all it is - a concept. It will never see the light of day.


vapourware. agree with observeMac.


OMG - how much APPLE stuff was in there!
There were Apple webpages, and the clip form the Nike comparison was straight out of a Numbers template!. I ahve to watch it again to find more - target 5 references to Apple. Love those Graphics guys - bet the mockup was created on Macs as are most Windows’ ads and marketing. (except for that dismal Song(something) which on second thoughts was probably the greatest spoof on MS.

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