Gold iPhone 5s (16GB) Sells for $10,100 on Ebay

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A gold iPhone 5s—hold on...time out for a facepalm—OK, a gold iPhone 5s sold on Ebay today for US$10,100. It was a 16GB model, too, the smallest of the iPhone 5s models, but it is unlocked.

Ebay Auction

Ebay Screenshot

It's always hard to tell if this sort of thing is legit. That said, the seller appears legit, with 1,278 feedback points, 100 percent of which are positive (which is impressive). It's quite common for people to buy iPhones that are in short supply to sell them on Ebay, but they don't often go for $10K.

This auction had 51 bids. Many of the bidders were new to Ebay, but not all of them. Several have bid histories of 200 auctions, and the winning bidder (a sniper) had 225 feedback points with 98 percent positive feedback.

The question is whether or not that will be bumped up to 226. There will be a happy seller if he or she does.

Thanks to user bigmoof on reddit for the heads up.

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For those without $10K, I am sure that there are plentiful supplies of Samsung Galaxy 4



All I can add is: Wow!

Lee Dronick

Yes, face palm. In a few a weeks there will be plenty of them at the MSP.


I’ll add that stupidity knows no bounds.


skipaq: Maybe the sniper was acting as an agent for Mitt Romney??  Or any of the other top 1%ers?  While you and I might think $10K for a phone is way too much, for some with a different perspective money is obviously no object!  Having said all that, I still agree with you its stupid!  wink

Melissa Holt

Um, wow.

Camping overnight doesn’t seem so hard to bear now…

Bryan Chaffin

For $10K, I’d camp out in a see-through clown costume.

Wait, did I say that out loud?

Melissa Holt

Oh. My. Goodness.

BRB, launching Kickstarter…  wink


Bryan: “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?”

I’d pay to see you……

Fully clothed!


Bryan said: For $10K, I’d camp out in a see-through clown costume.

Is TMO becoming TMI?!


For $10K, I’d camp out in a see-through clown costume.

Words…fail me. I won’t even ask what you’d consider for $15K.

I’m all for transparency, but I draw the line at clown costumes. With blokes in them.

Dare I ask, does this clown-clad campout involve the plushy chair?

Bryan Chaffin

Call that a stretch goal for Melissa’s Kickstarter project, wab95. wink

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