Gold iPhone 5S Gets Knifed in Scratch Test

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Just how durable is the soon to be announced gold iPhone 5S? Apparently durable enough to hold its own against coins in your pocket, but watch out for knives. Jailbreak Nation got its hands on what appears to be a legit gold iPhone back and captured their abuse on video.

Using the edge of a coin to bang on both a black and gold iPhone for comparison, it looks like the gold model will keep its good looks fairly well when put up against normal daily use. When you get more aggressive, like when you jab and scratch it with a knife blade, the gold model doesn't hold up quite as well.



Apple is expected to introduce gold as a new color option at an iPhone media event on September 10. The event hasn't been officially announced yet, but reliable sources say it's a sure thing.

The JBN video shows the gold iPhone's finish is pretty durable. Since it was compared to a current iPhone 5, we don't know yet if the white and black models will get a more durable finish, or if that's just a trait of the gold version.

The iPhone 5S isn't the only new model to undergo a scratch test ahead of its official announcement. The iPhone 5C, Apple's new lower priced model with a colored plastic back, was also the target of a scratch test video where it held its own against coins, keys and screws.

With the amount of information that's leaked out so far, we already know quite a bit about what Apple will introduce on September 10. What we're missing right now is the date the new iPhone models will hit store shelves, details about processor and camera performance, and whether or not Apple plans to include a knife disclaimer.

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The gold iPhone 5S scratch test is pretty impressive. Hopefully it means the black iPhone 5S will come with a more durable finish, too.

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Mário Pereira

WHAT!? They even do this scratch test thing before the product was announced… lol



If Steve Jobs were still here, I can’t imagine how many heads would be rolling right now with all of these leaks.


Okay people, if you decide to get the gold iPhone, you are advised not to to attack it with a knife.

Lee Dronick

Okay, what is the metal? Anodized aluminum, steel, something else?


Um, how many folks really put their iPhone in the same pocket as loose change etc ?

Me, I have my iPhone in a silicone case and screen protector, and never put it a pocket with anything else. Am I the odd man out here ?

Lee Dronick

I have a case on my iPhone, but no screen protector. If it is not belt holster it is the starboard pocket. However, in the pocket with the iPhone is a change purse that holds my earbuds. There is a key ring on the change purse, but no keys.

Scott B in DC

Jeff… I like your writing… you tend to be reasonable. But to even justify this bunkum for a product that has not even been announced can almost be called link baiting. Let’s please stick to the news and not the malarkey that the interwebs spew to get people riled up about what is now vaporware!

Jeff Gamet

Hey Scott, I’m glad you like my writing and thanks for reading! It’s always nice to know someone is checking out my words. My big thing with this scratch test is that I’m hoping it means the coatings on the new iPhone models is more durable. Even though Apple hasn’t made an announcement yet, there’s so much information leaking out from multiple sources that I’m inclined to think this video is legit. If I’m wrong, then I’ll own up—especially since I was sure the gold iPhone was a crock for a long time.

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