Gold iPhone 5s Quickly Sells Out Online, Other Models Show Varying Availability

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The online Apple Store quickly ran through its gold iPhone 5s inventory for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint in the first half hour of availability Friday morning. T-Mobile's contract-free gold iPhone models are still showing shipping estimates of 1-3 days.

Gold iPhone Availability

Gold iPhone 5s Shipping Availability in the U.S.

This means the gold iPhone 5s is either the most popular model or the model with the least availability. We're going to go with the former.

You might remember that the gold and white model was initially met with disdainful criticism by tech bloggers, who labeled it a terrible mistake and a sure sign of Apple's downfall when it was leaked.

Within minutes of being available for order online, however, it was the gold one whose shipping estimates slipped the fastest. In 26 minutes, gold models for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon were all listed as "October." T-Mobile's contract free models were still showing 1-3 days.

Most space gray (the new black) and silver (the new white) models are still showing shipping availability in 1-3 days as of this writing, though the 64GB model on AT&T quickly slipped to 7-10 days.

Apple began taking orders for the iPhone 5s at 12:01 AM PDT, and customers can also wait in line at their nearest Apple Store and some third party retailers, with Apple's retail stores opening at 8:00 AM local across the country.

Carriers have reported having "grotesquely low" inventory of all models, with inventory of anything but space gray being particularly light.

That said, the fact that some inventory is available in the 1-3 range for non-gold iPhone 5s 40 minutes after orders went live suggests that Apple has enough units on hand at its Apple Stores to handle the opening weekend.

Assuming you don't want gold, that is. If you do want gold, you should probably stop reading this and get in line. Immediately.

Good luck. We're all counting on you.

If you're going to order online, please consider using our affiliate link to the Apple Store.

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Lee Dronick

I am going to have to see them before deciding on which color to get. My wife is pretty much set on the gold one.


Proof again that it is better to trust Apple than the legion of analysts and bloggers out there when it comes to predicting what products and features will and will not succeed.

Lee Dronick

I just returned from my morning walk. Up at Starbucks was a fellow using what looked like a gold iPhone so of course I stopped to ask him about it. It was just a case on his iPhone 4, but he said he will order a gold iPhone 5S tomorrow or Sunday. He asked me if I was using iOS 7, which I am, so I gave him a quick tour.

John Dingler, artist

Samsung patented all lines or any length in all locations, even on Mars. “That’s our IP, dammit!”

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