Gold iPhone 5s Shipments Begin, Some for Delivery This Week

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iPhone 5s orders sold briskly on Friday morning, but those who got their orders in within the first few minutes are beginning to see the payoff for their efforts. iPhone 5s shipments began today, some for delivery as early as Wednesday of this week.

Some iPhone 5s Orders Show Delivery for Middle of This Week

For the first three or four minutes of online ordering (starting at 3am EDT) on Friday morning, iPhone 5s orders were showing shipments happening in "1-3 business days." Gold models saw that almost immediately slip to "7-10 business days" and by 3:25am EDT those coming online to order were simply seeing, "October," as the shipment date for all Gold iPhones.

Analyst speculation points to Touch ID sensor supplies as the reason for some of these delays, and that may well be proving true. We may never know for sure.

As of this writing, all iPhone 5s models are showing "October" as the ship date. Maybe – in this case – the analysts were right.

For those of us/you who were smart/lucky enough to get your orders in early, your payoff may just happen this week!



FEDEX sent me an update this morning that my iPhone 5s was shipped on 21 September and is on the truck for delivery today (23 September). Of course, I paid for the priority overnight on at&t’s website.

We’ll see.

Dave Hamilton

@wab95 Excellent! Did yours come from the US or overseas? And.. what model did you order?


I ordered mine in the USA (while in London en route from Geneva).

I ordered the Space Grey 64 GB at&t model from the at&t website, as they offered priority overnight delivery. As I am often out of hailing range of the internet, I tend to go heavy on storage capacity on my iOS devices.

I am intrigued, however, at all the buzz that the gold phone is garnering in the relatively conservative, restrained West.

Daniel Duarte

I ordered mine on the 21st at 10am. Does that mean mine should ship earlier than October?



You should be able to track your order status, whether you ordered from Apple or a service carrier. When you ordered your phone, you should also have seen a tentative ship date range.

As I indicated above, I did a side by side comparison of the Apple and at&t websites, and went with at&t when we got to the shipping options sections, which I did not get on the Apple site. They (at&t) offered overnight, at a cost, of course, with a proposed shipping date that FEDEX confirmed when it shipped.


1445 EDT and it has arrived.

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