Gold iPhone 5s Shipments Begin, Some for Delivery This Week

iPhone 5s orders sold briskly on Friday morning, but those who got their orders in within the first few minutes are beginning to see the payoff for their efforts. iPhone 5s shipments began today, some for delivery as early as Wednesday of this week.

Some iPhone 5s Orders Show Delivery for Middle of This Week

For the first three or four minutes of online ordering (starting at 3am EDT) on Friday morning, iPhone 5s orders were showing shipments happening in "1-3 business days." Gold models saw that almost immediately slip to "7-10 business days" and by 3:25am EDT those coming online to order were simply seeing, "October," as the shipment date for all Gold iPhones.

Analyst speculation points to Touch ID sensor supplies as the reason for some of these delays, and that may well be proving true. We may never know for sure.

As of this writing, all iPhone 5s models are showing "October" as the ship date. Maybe – in this case – the analysts were right.

For those of us/you who were smart/lucky enough to get your orders in early, your payoff may just happen this week!