Goldgenie Wants to Smear Diamonds on Your Apple Watch

Goldgenie announced plans for customized Apple Watches. "Spectrum" Apple Watches will be ordinary stainless steel Apple Watch or gold Apple Watch Edition, but they will have a layer of diamonds smeared on them for those who need a little extra something-something. The company will also layer a stainless steel Apple Watch 24k Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum.

In addition to customizing the Apple Watch itself, Goldgenie will also offer python straps in "vivid hues of Seville Orange, Fuchsia Pink, Sea Green, Black and Cherry Red," and straps of beige and black topgrain calf leather, natural toned python, and crocodile skin.

From the company's announcement:

For those who are more precious about their time, Goldgenie are offering dazzling versions of the solid 18ct Gold and Rose Gold Edition models, which have been embedded with hundreds of diamonds each, with a very limited Ecstasy (named after Goldgenie’s £2.3 million diamond encrusted iPhone 6) meticulously set with five carats of white diamonds and a single flawless diamond in the crown. The diamond faces are complimented with a choice of matching fully diamond encrusted gold and rose gold straps or natural python and black or brown crocodile straps.

Here's what it will look like:


Goldgenie Customized "Spectrum" Apple Watches

Goldgenie joins Brikk in offering bedazzled Apple Watches, and there will no doubt be many more companies to do the same. This isn't unique to Apple Watch, however. There are all manner of after-market modifications one can buy for luxury timepiece brands like Rolex, including replacement bezels and other adornments.

Goldgenie will take preorders for these babies starting April 9th, one day before Apple lets customers see the original Apple Watch in its Apple Stores, and two weeks before Apple actually ships them.

Prices start at £2,000 for a gold plated stainless steel Apple Watch and go up to £110,000 for the full diamond encrusted solid 18k Gold Apple Watch Edition models.

But even better, the company plans to offer models that use Swarovski crystals for £3,000 for those who want the look of gaudy diamonds without actually paying for them.

Look for one on a wrist near you soon.