Good News: iPhone Found - Bad News: It’s In Vietnam

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Cabel Sasser, founder of Mac software maker Panic, had a good news, bad news sort of day, Monday. The good news was that his iPhone, which was stolen in San Francisco, finally showed up in Apple’s MobileMe Find My iPhone service. The bad news? It was in Vietnam.

The Mac developer posted a series of tweets where he explained that his iPhone had been stolen, that it showed up Monday in Vietnam, and that he had then did the remote pin lock on the device to block the users out of it. Unfortunately, the new people in possession of his iPhone did a factory restore on it to bypass the lock and reset it.

Mr. Sasser isn’t lamenting his loss, however. He later tweeted, “It’s totally gone. I’ve moved on. White iPhone. smile

Below is the series of images he posted to Twitpic showing his discovery process on where his stolen iPhone was, complete with his comic reaction at the end (captions added by TMO).

Woooohooooo!! It's found!

Woooohooooo!! It’s found!

Wait. What the...?

Wait. What the…?

You gotta be kidding me...

You gotta be kidding me…

Oh noes!

Oh noes!

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Hey, at least it speaks well for the location service.

Lee Dronick

Hey, at least it speaks well for the location service.

Got that right!

Last evening we took a walk around the lake. My wife asked me to use Find iPhone to see if she left hers at home or if she dropped it on the trail. It was at home.


Mr. Nasser can contact with Ho Chi Minh local Authority in Vietnam to get this back.  I believe that you can get back your belong.  I am Vietnamese and I know the police will go the extra miles for this matter.  Good luck.  Randy


His last name’s Sasser.

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks, TreehuggerDoug! I had the name right in my notes and botched it up when putting the piece together. It’s corrected now, and I appreciate the note.

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