GoodReader 3.0 for iPad Adds Annotations

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GoodReader for iPad is a robust PDF reader and file manager that also displays many other file formats of interest. Version 3.0, released on September 30, adds annotations, markup and highlighting capabilities.

Version 3.0 is a major update. Features include:

  • PDF Annotations including notes, highlights, markups and drawings.
  • Annotations include sticky notes, text highlights, freehand drawings, text underlines, strikeouts, and text insertion and replacement marks.
  • In addition the annotations include polygons, polylines, various shapes and file attachments.
  • All annotations can be deleted.

In addition to the annotations, other improvements in version 3.0 include a lifting of file size limitations, an improved copy procedure, and a resolution of the Bluetooth-WiFi conflict.


GoodReader 3 on iPad

GoodReader can handle many type sof files including: .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .xls, .html, iWork files, HTML and Safari webarchives, high resolution images, and more including books, maps, pictures, video and audio files. See the Good.iWare website for details.

The upgrade is free for current owners. GoodReader for iPad from Good.iWare Ltd requires iOS 3.2, is ready for iOS 4.0, and is priced at US$0.99.

GoodReader for iPhone remains at version 2.8.6, and no date has been announced for version 3.0 for the iPhone/iPod touch.

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An awesome app, especially for the price.

I also found that it is one of the few apps that will use the VGA out to an external monitor. If they can get .ppt files to perform properly it will be a great business tool (currently the slides scroll continuously instead of fading between slides).

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