Google Announces Android Wearables Developer Preview, SDK Coming

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Google announced on Tuesday Android Wear, which is primarily a way to carry Android through to wearable technology (namely, watches). There's a Developer Preview available now for those with Android Developer accounts who are serious about learning more on Android wearables, but developers will have to wait for an software development kit (SDK).

Google's Android Wearable Concept 

Motorola has already blogged about the Moto 360, which will be available "Summer 2014 in a variety of styles." On the official Moto 360 site a number of images are shown of an Android concept watch in action. It displays the weather, meeting reminders, or GPS navigation, aside from the screen that displays a watch face.

Currently there's no official SDK (software developer kit) to build new apps, but the Developer Preview will let you test your existing apps and "see how they will appear on square and round Android wearables." There's a list of partners at the bottom of the Developer Preview page, and all of them are technology companies except Fossil, a watch brand.

Here is the video Google released showing the developer preview in action:

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Looking at the images it seems like a larger men's watch, so any woman who is interested might think twice about a watch that size. Having said that, now that a lot of Android's rough edges are much smoother, this might be an interesting idea if the fragmentation issue can be overcome and device compatibility hurdles are much lower. There's a lot of possibility here, especially for whoever can strike a balance between readable display and comfortable-to-wear accessory.



The biggest challenge is making a smart watch into a stand alone product instead of just a smart phone accessory.


Putzes! A watch (and SDK) that’s hard to read! Showing the time in a tiny font with a low-contrast background. (Way worse than iOS 7, but using similar skinny font.)

Google: we’ve basically copied everything Apple’s doing.

So nothing’s new. Is it wonder they are encouraging developers to create amazing apps? To swoop in and save their bacon?


poignant, ibuck.
Not wow-worthy, eh?
With bated breath I await,
Apple take it over.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

They talk about a lot of the things WIMM talked about 2-1/2 years ago. Glance-able is key. I really loved that watch. It was a blast to develop for. Actually won one of WINN’s developer awards for my animated Christmas advent calendar watch face.

This thing will also be a ton of fun. I like how they’ve focussed on making the Google Now interface wearable. I like how they’ll have an open API and will have side-loadable apps. Can’t wait to get the kit and get a device.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

P.S. I can’t believe “fragmentation” is still a buzzword with the iCrowd. As I’ve said for the three years since I switched to the Android camp, choice is an amazing driver of technology. Also, you’ll never have 1/5 of Android users pissed off at one time over a horrendously bad software update. Cough. iOS.


What a wonder be!
If closed was dead
without a fee.
The better choice
the vultures lunch,
gobbled up—
A quick snack,
copy free.

That choice ruled so,
and innovators give
their work now plucked,
like fallen fruit
from branches—
and tended.

To lie in wake
To ponder why
The artist’s effort
let to die.

But not all wonders
make the grade.
Tempest in that pot of choice
Go rest, now.
Let it be.


Ah, Spring!!  That wonderful time of year.  The flowers are blooming.  The birds are singing.  The bards are spinning their tales of enlightenment (Hi mhikl!!).  And the grumpy trolls are waking from their hibernation, ready to sow discord on the Internet by starting arguments and upsetting people (source:  Wikipedia).

And my friendly reminder - Please don’t feed the trolls.

Lee Dronick

Good one Mike!

See today’s Joy of Tech comic:


Thanks Ron and Lee. My poor efforts get ignored as most techies find them a snore. Lee “Apple bungle anything up?” good one. Ron, not usually a Wikipedia fan but this time they got it right. grin = your above prosey is very good. A little cadence to a paragraph can bring emphasis to the meaning quite well.

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