Google Brings Chrome Apps to Mac

Chrome AppsChrome Apps on Your Mac

Google announced Wednesday the launch of Chrome Apps to the Mac platform. The company said that desktop apps available on the Chrome Web Store can now be run on any desktop computer that also runs the Chrome browser.

Chrome Apps are HTML apps that can tap Chrome APIs that come along with the Chrome browser. According to Google, that allows them to "behave and feel just like native software," rather than the poorer performance usually associated with HTML apps.

To that end, Google is storing Chrome Apps in your Mac's Applications folder, though they will also be available through the Chrome Launcher that gets installed with any Chrome App.


Smartsheet, a Chrome App

Chrome Apps work offline, update automatically (when online), and they sync across (Google's servers) to any device on which you installed them. That allows you to work on documents across those devices without having to specifically transport those documents from one device to another.

To use Chrome Apps, you'll have to install the Chrome browser. As noted above, the Chrome App Launcher also gets installed with any Chrome App—it's added to your Dock and is intended as a centralized way to launch just your Chrome apps.

Of course, the biggest benefit to using Chrome apps is that using them allows Google to track even more of what you do.