Google Brings Now to the iPhone, iPad

Google released Google Search 3.0 for the iPhone and iPad on Monday, bringing with it Google Now. The new feature, which first appeared on Android 4.1-based smartphones, gives users information based on their current activities, such as traffic reports before leaving for work and flight updates when they're traveling.

Google Now, now for the iPhoneGoogle Now, now for the iPhone

Google Now offers up contextual-aware information like local weather, traffic conditions, appointments, news updates, shipping notifications, and more. It also offers voice-based searches, much like Apple's own Siri.

The feature is somewhat limited on iOS compared to Android because it doesn't support Fandango, display events that are nearby, or show recent searches. Even still, Google Now looks to be handy on the iPhone and iPad.

Google Search 3.0 is free and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.