Google Cancels December in Android 4.2

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Google is ready to skip over Christmas and all of December thanks to a bug in Android 4.2, or Jelly Bean. The mobile device operating system doesn't include the month of December in some apps.

There goes Christmas: Android 4.2 bug skips DecemberThere goes Christmas: Android 4.2 bug skips December

Nexus owners started talking about the problem on Google's forums a few days ago with comments like, "No December month for me either. Disappeared once I updated my Galaxy Nexus to 4.2. Had to add event on PC under my Gmail account."

The bug may be an embarrassment for Google and no doubt will be fuel for the iPhone versus Android fan battle, but Apple has dealt with time-related bugs, too. In 2010, for example, iPhone owners found their repeating alarms activated at the wrong time after the Daylight Saving time switch.

Google is no doubt working on a software update to fix the calendar problem, but until then it looks like Christmas is off for Jelly Bean users.

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Oh my gosh, dump it’s products. Run for the hills. How could it screw up such an important application such as calendars? Ever since Jobs dies, things really have been going down hill at there. Wait a second. Oops. Never mind.


The Grinch doesn’t like jelly bean; he stole their Christmas.


Androids don’t believer in Santa


Watson, it may appear that Google is the Grinch, but the moniker Jelly Bean brings suspicion upon the the Easter Bunny, with an Easter Egg in Google software.


The Google that stole Christmas?

I’m sure they’ll have it fixed faster than you can say ‘Jelly Bean’ three times, or at least before the big month rolls around. No worries.

Paul Goodwin

Maybe a VP should be fired

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