Google Extends Free Calls from Gmail Through 2013

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Google announced on Wednesday that people who use Gmail to make phone calls can continue to do so for free through 2013 within the U.S. and Canada. The company added the feature to Gmail in 2010, and while it charges "insanely low rates" for calls for the rest of the world, it has kept U.S. and Canada calls free.

Users can call mobile phones and land lines from within the Gmail chat widget, as shown in the image below.

Gmail Calls

Source: Google

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Spin: Plus, by making your calls through Gmail, you'll allow Google to add who-you-call to its advertising profile of you. That's pretty cool.



I never knew any person would think assisting Google to have an advertising profile on them would be cool.

Bryan Chaffin

Sorry about that, Terrin. My sarcasm flag was broken. smile


I use Gmail for calls for everything other than local ones.  The voice quality is really very good.  I do wish though, that there was some way to save the phone numbers I use.  You know, like a phone book.


Yes, I should have caught that. smile

Honestly, Google’s system for profiling you is pretty bad. I have an gmail account that since switching to iCloud I have relegated to my junk mail account.  I am a bankruptcy attorney, and I get ads concerning going to law school and for attorneys to help me file bankruptcy. I hope nobody is paying Google to deliver those ads.

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