Google Finally Adds Offline Map Viewing for iPhone

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Google rolled out an update for its Maps app on Tuesday, finally adding the ability to save maps for offline viewing. The change give Google yet another leg up on Apple's own Maps app that doesn't offer a way to quickly save maps to avoid getting lost when an Internet connection isn't available.

Google adds offline viewing to iPhone Maps appGoogle adds offline viewing to iPhone Maps app

Along with offline map viewing, Google Maps 3 added lane suggestions with turn-by-turn driving directions, total walking times for transit directions, improved filtering when searching for restaurants, hotels and bars, the ability to open the Uber app from within Google Maps, and more.

Google Maps 3 is free and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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Easy offline map viewing? Your move, Apple.

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Apple Maps does some limited caching but you can’t really control it. If you plan a route then the directions etc are cached along that route, and a bit nearby. Not a lot but enough to do turn-by-turn directions if you don’t have a connection.

“Proper” offline maps would be a big plus.

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