Google Gets Guards for Employee Shuttles in San Francisco

Security?Security? Why do you ask?

Google has brought on security for some of its employee shuttles in San Francisco. Reuters reported that men with ear pieces have been monitoring shuttle stops, taking notes and observing who gets on and off the shuttles.

The move comes in the wake of protests that targeted shuttles owned by Google, Apple and other Silicon Valley giants, as locals blame those companies for rising rents in San Francisco. The security team didn't specifically identify themselves to Reuters, but when asked if they were guards for the busses, they replied, "Can I see your badge?"

The protests targeting the busses took place in December, and almost all of them were peaceful, with protesters wanting the tech giants to pay for using city bus stops, and to draw attention to evictions taking place throughout the city as rents rise ever higher.

That said, there was one incident where a shuttle window was shattered, and Google is no doubt responding to the potential for violence. There's no word yet if Apple has done the same thing, and no one is confirming that the guards on hand at the Google stops were hired by Google.

But, you know, duh. Right?

In the meanwhile, Reuters also said that the tech giants in question have reached agreements with San Francisco over use of the bus stops, meaning that at least one aim of the protesters has been reached. What to do about the reality of well-paid tech employees pushing up rents is another story.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.