Google Glass Goes Public for a Day

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Google is ready to expand sales of its Google Glass facetop tech to more than just developers, but only for a day. The Internet search giant plans to let anyone in the United States pony up the US$1,500 for Google Glass on April 15.

If this is the look for you, April 15 is your lucky day.If this is the look for you, April 15 is your lucky day.

Google Glass is Google's facetop information display and recording technology that, so far, has been available to developers through the company's Explorer program. The public release isn't a full-on retail expansion, but instead is just a single-day promotion where anyone in the U.S. with $1,500 burning a hole in their pocket can get in on the Explorer program, too.

The package will include a Google Glass, and a free sunglass share or prescription lens frame. Google says it has a limited inventory, so if you really want to get one in your hands -- or on your face -- be ready to break out your credit card at 6AM pacific time next Tuesday.

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Great! Now I can get a REALLY over-priced, creepy face-cam and distraction device, so that Google can suck up even more information on my personal life. Yeah… Maybe not.


I don’t get this strategy.

Or did they just run out of beta testers (I mean “Explorer Program members”)?

John Dingler, artist

Oh my. Imagine having a conversation and the other person is recording your conversation for Google Ads.


Right…all those eager and waiting Android spenders are just chomping at the bit to pay $1500 for that privilege.

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