Google Goes Wireless with Project Fi

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Google announced Project Fi on Wednesday, dipping its toes into the wireless carrier business. Project Fi is a U.S.-only service that is built on top of two networks, Sprint and T-Mobile. Google's hook is that devices can use whichever network is strongest, and the company is offering inexpensive and flexible bandwidth pricing—but you'll need to have (or buy) a Nexus 6 to be an early customer.

Plus, it's invitation-only for now.

Google is charging $20 per month for unlimited talk and text, plus US$10 per 1GB of data. Users decide how much data they want, but not only do they get credit back for any data they didn't use, if they go over they pay the same $10 per GB of data. That makes Project Fi incredibly competitive compared to even the companies they are working with, Spring and T-Mobile.

Even more compelling for travelers, Project Fi works in 120 countries, and data is charged the same rate no matter where you are within those countries. Voice is charged at $0.20 per minute, while texts are unlimited within the 120 country area.

The following is the North American coverage map:

Project Fi North American Coverage

Source: Google Project Fi
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Google has not announced when it will open the service to devices other than Nexus 6.