Google Kills Alfred Local Recommendations Service

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The latest victim in Google's ongoing app and service killing spree is Alfred, the local business recommendation service the Internet search giant acquired when it bought Clever Sense.

Alfred is the latest service to get a Google death warrantAlfred is the latest service to get a Google death warrant

Alfred asks users what types of restaurants and coffee shops they like, along with the nightlife activities they're interested in. As it learns more about the activities you like, it refines the recommendations it offers for similar dining, drinking, and entertainment.

Google alerted users to Alfred's demise with an in-app warning stating that the service is shutting down on July 19, and that anyone hoping to save their location history and favorite location data must do so by today, July 12.

Google's in-app warning that Alfred is shutting downGoogle's in-app warning that Alfred is shutting down

Google announced earlier this week that it is shutting down its Latitude location-based social network in August and that users wanting to tag their current location should switch to Google+. The Google Reader RSS service shut down on July 1, and the company also announced the demise of the Mac and Windows versions of the image enhancement tool Snapseed, along with Google Building Maker, Google Cloud Connect, Apps Script, CalDav API, Search API for Shopping and Voice App for BlackBerry.

There isn't any word yet on whether or not Alfred's features will find their way into other Google apps, although the fact that the company has been consolidating features into services like Google+, there's at least a little hope that some of Alfred will live on in some fashion.

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It's almost like watching a B-list horror movie where the victims are picked off one by one. Google's other services need to get out of the house right now -- and whatever you do, don't look in the closet.




Would the last one to leave, please turn off the lights.


At least it’s not as bad as Sharknado.

Lee Dronick

From I can see by the trailer. Sharknado is a good example of bad science fiction, I can’t wait to see it!

“We are going to need a bigger chopper.”



It was bad even for syfy.

Lee Dronick

Then that is pretty bad Intruder, they have some of the worst.

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