Google Kills Latitude Location-based Social Network

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Google Latitude, the location-based social network most of you may not have realized still existed, has been given its death notice. Google is shutting down Latitude on August 9 and is dropping support in its apps as well as third-party apps on all platforms.

Google Latitude checks outGoogle Latitude checks out

Google said that it is killing the Latitude features in the Android version of Google Maps, discontinuing the Latitude for iPhone app, shutting down the Latitude API for third-party apps, and shutting down the Latitude website.

Latitude is a Foursquare and Yelp-like check in and location sharing service that let users tell their friends where they happen to be at any given moment, participate in chats, locate businesses, and see traffic conditions. It didn't, however, prove to be as popular as its competitors.

Google said that when Latitude shuts down, users will lose their Latitude friends lists, too.

If you like sharing your location through Google services, you aren't completely out of luck. You can still check in using Google+, and that's a feature the company is currently working on bringing to the iOS version of the Google+ app.

Latitude isn't the only service Google has put on death row recently. Most notably, the Internet search giant shut down its Reader RSS service after taking over the market. That move left developers and users scrambling to find alternatives after being essentially forced into using Google's RSS management service.

At the same time, Google announced the demise of Google Building Maker, Google Cloud Connect, Apps Script, CalDav API, Search API for Shopping, and Voice App for BlackBerry. Shortly after that, Google announced that it would be shutting down Checkout and that only some of its users would be able to transition to Wallet.

The loss of Latitude may be an inconvenience for some Google users, but with Foursquare and Yelp going strong, there's a good chance they can transition to either and still find their friends.

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Latitude may not have been a popular service, but its demise drives home the point once again: Don't get too attached to any of the Google services you use. At some point they may go away, and there isn't any guarantee you'll have an easy way to transition into a replacement.



I’ll also submit our app, Life360, as a reasonable replacement for folks looking to location share with their friends and families! We’re cross-platform for iOS and Android, at with over 40M users, we aren’t going anywhere! #employee

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