Google Knows: You Search for Baby Pictures More Than Anything Else

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Google knows...well, everything about you. At least everything there is to know about you from your online activities. Selling what Google knows is how the company makes its money, after all. But sometimes Google giveth back of what it knows. For instance, Google knows that the number one thing you search for on Google Photos is...babies.

Whoda thunk, right? I would have thought the most popular phrase in America was "I'm sick of baby photos." Maybe that's just what we tell each other in a pathetic attempt to seem jaded and cool, because Google knows that just isn't true.

Google Knows

People Want to See Your Baby

This information comes to us courtesy of a Google blog post titled "11 things to know about Google Photos." It includes the news that 100 million people use Google Photos. The other ten things are various factoids about how you use the service.

For instance—and I honestly love this one: "You’re all foodies…or at least you want people to think you are." lolatus. But it turns out food is the second most photographed thing posted to Google Photos. Oh, and dogs are the most photographed animal.

Take that, cats!

And Google Photos users have made 15 million animated GIFs and collages.

The most telling factoid, however, has to be our growing narcissism. According to Google, people search for "me" a lot. The number of selfies I see on Instagram is mindboggling. I mean, come on, people! Do you really ONLY see the world through yourself?

The company didn't say where this "me" searches ranked, but what's fascinating about this being a top search is that it's made possible because Google knows who you are and what you mean by "me." It can then then search its massive collection of data and find photos of "you."

I wonder if Google knows just how much that creeps me out?

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I can in all honesty say that I’ve never, not even once, searched for baby pictures. Not generic, not friends or relatives. Never. Indeed if someone posts a baby picture and then sends out a note saying “Check out little XXX on XXX”, I’ll pass. When asked about it later I’ll likely respond with “Oh yeah that was cute” or some other platitude. The simple truth is I think all babies look pretty much the same. Like Winston Churchill.

But I’m not a “kid” person.

Lee Dronick

I would think baby clothes, furniture, and such could be at or near the top, but babies themselves I would find hard to believe. Though like Geoduck I am not baby or kid person. Now would pediatric care concerns such as rashes or such be what people are searching?

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