Google Play Music Launches 'Free Music For Everything You Do'

Google on Tuesday launched a free, ad-supported version of Play Music, the company's streaming music service. Using the tagline "Free Music For Everything You Do," the service adds a free service to complement the US$9.99 subscription service it has offered for the last two years—and in case it escaped your notice, the service was launched just one week before Apple launches Apple Music.

Play Music has been an also-ran to Spotify and Pandora just like Apple's Beats Music and a host of others. Until now, however, Google has only offered a paid subscription version of Play Music. The company characterized it as, "a new way to find just the right music and giving artists another way to earn revenue."

The free version, however, will not have all of the services and features users get with the paid version. Google hopes, "you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll consider subscribing to Google Play Music to play without ads, take your music offline, create your own playlists, and listen to any of the 30 million songs in our library on any device and as much as you’d like."

Apple is launching Apple Music as a subscription-only service, with a $9.99 per month price or $14.99 per month for a family of up to 6. The company has come under fire from antitrust regulators for allegedly trying to pressure record labels into not allowing their music to be on free services.