Google Releases iOS App to Stream Google Play Movies and TV

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Google continued its efforts to bring as many services as possible to Apple's iOS platform Wednesday with the release of Google Play Movies & TV on the App Store. The app allows users to stream movies and TV shows they purchased from the Google Play webstore, a service built for Android.

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV Screenshots

Google Play is Google's answer to Apple's App Store and the iTunes Store, and like Apple's IOS services, the company uses Google Play to sell apps, movies, music, and Books to Android users. The release of this app on the App Store means that users can stream their video purchases on iOS devices, too.

Because Apple charges 30 percent for all in-app purchases, you can't buy or rent new movies or TV shows through the app—that remains the realm of the website or through Android devices. As noted by 9to5Mac, once a purchase is made elsewhere, it is available through the iOS apps.

The app is a free download and is available now.

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Glad to see this. Not that I’ll be using GooglePlay or this App, I don’t trust Google enough for that. Rather, with some competition maybe Apple will FINALLY update iTunes. Give it the complete bottom to top overhaul that it so desperately needs. Apple knows what it needs, iOS has it right with separate music and video players rather than the all in one bloatware that OS-X gets. They just need a push to get on with it.

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