Google Reportedly Submitted Maps Replacement to App Store

Google was ready and willing to go when Apple released iOS 6 without Google's Maps app, and the company has reportedly already submitted an updated, independent app replacement to Apple's App Store. A variety of reports from multiple sources suggest that Google is not only ready to move on, but that its developers are enjoying the criticism and complaints being thrown Apple's way for its proprietary app.

Knock knock knockin' on heaven's door...

Reporting for The Guardian, Charles Arthur wrote, "Google, I hear from roundabout sources, is enjoying the bad press Apple is suffering. It would be surprising if its mappers could resist some schadenfreude, since they are very proud of their work; having it rejected wholesale must be galling."

Mr. Arthur added that his sources also told him that the independent Maps app was being "prepared" by Google, and that it will "appear in time."

Not cut to the eagle-eyed folks at MacRumors who noted that Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted a link to the report, saying,"The Guardian suggests they've heard that Google already submitted a Maps app to coincide with iOS 6." He then put his Jim Dalrymple seal of approval on his own take by adding, "Yep."

Why does that matter? Mr. Troughton-Smith is connected in the iOS developer world, and his "Yep" can probably be taken without any grains of salt on hand as backup.

Hold on, maybe not, because speaking of Mr. Dalrymple, he put his own stamp on this report, but his stamp was a "Nope." Whether or not he's referring to Google submitting the app or the app getting getting approved remains to be seen. So maybe you should keep that salt on hand after all.

9to5Mac also threw in a report saying that the app is awaiting approval, while TechCrunch said that Google hopes to have it approved by Christmas.


So will Apple approve it? The company allows other third party mapping services on the App Store and denying Google a spot in the App Store would probably earn Apple some interest from regulatory bodies and politicians interested in such things.

Until then, users who want Google Maps can always find it in Mobile Safari at

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