Google Targets Apple TV, Fire TV with Android TV

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Apple has Apple TV, Amazon has Fire TV, and soon Google will have Android TV. The Internet search giant is reportedly ready to jump into the set top box game -- despite the fact that it already sells Google Chromecast.

Google wants in on the set top box game, tooGoogle wants in on the set top box game, too

News of Google's plans comes courtesy of insider sources talking with The Verge. Internal documents said,

Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform. It's all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction.

Google calls Android TV "cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast," which sounds like a description of Apple TV and Fire TV, too. Sources say video app developers are working on their Android TV apps right now, and the device will support voice commands, just like Amazon's Fire TV.

This isn't Google's first attempt to win our televisions. The company already offers its low cost Chromecast, and previously failed with its Google TV. Assuming Android TV takes off, it will most likely target a different audience that Chromecast, although it could impact sales of the device.

Whether or not it can take on Apple TV and Roku will be a different story, and Fire TV is still to new to know whether or not it poses a serious threat in the set top box market.

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Oh, great. More fragmentation in the streaming set top box market. With Apple TV and Fire TV it's easier to decide which device to get based on your current media buying habits, but what happens when Android TV hits store shelves?

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Nothing because I’m already an Apple TV user. As you said once you have setup your media echo system your set. No need to change. Apple TV is the only device that you can airplay to and the only device that has iTunes Radio which doesn’t cost anything. With a Mac everything is built to work with Apple TV already. I don’t need 3rd party apps and configurations to force things to work.


Next up we’ll get exclusivity deals between set top box makers and content providers. When that happens you better have a TV with a lot of HDMI ports if you want to cut the cable.


Apple TV, Fire TV are used to watch content. Android TV will be used to watch you.


I wouldn’t call Apple TV or any other of the web capture/streamers set top boxes. A set top box is that monstrosity that Comcast supplied for connecting to digital cable video and that can select a channel I want to watch. What I’m hoping is that Apple will replace that box and allow viewing of cable channels as well as internet videos. That would be a welcome replacement for the pizza box from Comcast and would like take much less power to operate.

If Apple did such a set top box, it would then be cool if it could stream multiple (3 or 4) digital cable channels to other standard or upgraded Apple TVs scattered throughout the house. Such a box could also distribute local over-the-air TV signals.

Now that would be useful to me and would have capabilities none of the network streamer have.

Would be a lot of bits flying around in 3 (5?) years when all those TVs are 4K.


I want my DAVE TV!!!  (Lets see how many of you get that reference.)

‘Sources say video app developers are working on their Android TV apps right now…’

Huh. How many app developers, I wonder? Let’s see how quickly (if ever) the number of available channels (or apps for watching video) on Google TV catches up with what’s offered on AppleTV. It seems like Apple has been adding more and more channels, fairly recently. I bet it’s because they have had foreknowledge of impending competition for the AppleTV and want to keep it at par, at least, with other offerings. As others have pointed out, Airplay is a pretty nice jewel in AppleTV’s crown, for the time being. It is and open standard, so others can add it, eventually.

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