Google to Merchants: We're Killing Google Checkout

Google is still axing services, and this time it's Google Checkout that's on the execution block. The Internet search giant warned retailers they have until November to find a replacement for the feature, although some users can move to Google Wallet.

Goodbye Google Checkout, hello Google WalletGoodbye Google Checkout, hello Google Wallet

The company said in a statement,

Today, we're letting web merchants know that in six months, Google Checkout will be retired as we transition to Google Wallet -- a platform that enables merchants to meet the demands of a multi-screen world where consumers shop in-stores, at their desks and on their mobile devices.

Checkout was Google's online payment system that let consumers make purchases with a mouse click instead of having to fill out forms. The service has been available for about seven years.

Unlike other services Google has shut down, like Reader, there is an alternative already in place -- at least for some merchants. Companies that already have a payment processing system can apply to use Google Wallet Instant Buy, which is similar to Google Checkout. For companies that don't have their own payment processing system, Google is recommending Braintree, Shopify, or Freshbooks as alternatives.

Earlier this year Google announced that it was shutting down its online news aggregator service Google Reader, but wasn't offering any alternative solutions for its users. The announcement left a bad taste in mouths of users that rely on news aggregators since Google had effectively taken over the market and killed off the competition.

At the same time, Google also announced the end of Google Building Maker, Google Cloud Connect, Apps Script, CalDav API, Search API for Shopping and Voice App for BlackBerry.

Those earlier product deaths left users at least somewhat in the lurch, but in the case of Google Checkout the company is migrating to a newer service. That's good news for merchants that already have their own payment processing systems, but for those that don't, Google has once again left its users out in the cold.