Google Accidentally Deletes User Email, Contacts

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Google accidentally deleted all of the emails and contacts from about 150,000 Gmail user accounts on Monday. While many of the Gmail users that lost their data are still stuck without, Google said it is working to restore the missing content and already has some users back up and running.

According to the Internet search giant, the data outage is impacting less than .08 percent of its customers.

“Today’s issue shows that Gmail is far from perfect and Google should do a better job at communicating with users,” Google Operating System blog owner Alex Chitu told BBC News.

Google hasn’t said how long it may take to get email and contact data restored for Gmail users.

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Wait?? You blew away server P7415? No! I said server P4715!!

Or, if you prefer…

No! This one goes here! That one goes there!


Do not press the red button, whatever you do…

(Whoops. Looks like you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.)


Now we know what “the cloud” means. It means “now you see it, now you don’t!”


Wait a second ! It’s raining even in the cloud ( Google playing David Copperfield? ) ! Now where did I keep mah umbrella?


We had equipment equipment failure because of someone leaning against the equipment and then squatting down to look at something else.  In the process, the power button was flipped.  A recessed 1” paddle switch.  The guy was still in the room next to the equipment and claimed complete innocence.


Check twice, Format once


Damnit Chewie!


geoduck, like your blog. And you comment on the CBC. cool-aid


geoduck, like your blog

Thanks. BTW I just put this weeks note out there.


It appears I’m one of the customers affected by this outage.


I was going to say “Yeah, good old cloud computing” but I see that Doc Ross beat me to the notion. I think I’ll keep my data at my house, thank you very much.

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