Google Adds 100 YouTube Channels of Original Pro Content

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Google Inc. announced late Friday approximately one hundred “channels” of original programming set to launch on its YouTube website over the coming year. The new content will include channels dedicated to music, television, film, news, and sports, and are part of the company’s effort to appeal to a broader range of consumers seeking professionally-created content. 

YouTube Broadcast Announcement

This new venture is supported, according to Bloomberg, with approximately US$100 million in financing and represents a partnership with dozens of media companies and celebrities. Google’s goal for the channels is to produce about 25 hours of original programming per day once all channels are available.

“Today, the web is bringing us entertainment from an even wider range of talented producers, and many of the defining channels of the next generation are being born, and watched, on YouTube,” the company stated in its announcement.

Google TV

This news comes on the heels of the introduction of Google’s second take at Google TV, a service whose first iteration was plagued by bugs and a poor user experience. One of Google’s stated goals for the project is to “Make YouTube better on TV.” It is clear that tonight’s YouTube announcement is a major step towards achieving that goal.

The channels will be rolled out over the next year, starting in November, and will be available on the company’s website as well as all YouTube-enabled devices, including Apple’s iOS devices. Until then, YouTube has created a “sneak peek,” previewing what’s to come.


Lee Dronick

“Broadcast Big Money”

Great graphic!

The competition in this field should be good for end users.


I remember back in the good old days when Apple and Google were still pals and Apple tv debuted with the ability to stream YouTube content and everyone was saying, ‘Why the **** would anyone want to watch YouTube on a television?’.

If Google offers it though, it must somehow be better even though it’s identical, right? wink We are fickle, fickle, people at times.

I hope the next generation of innovators, wherever they are, step the heck up. I feel like it’s 2006 or 2007 all over again lately, everything is recycled but not necessarily new again. Don’t get me started on the corporate-ization of the web. wink Closed feedback loops don’t really help us, IMHO. . . .


Pick and choose is the only way TV will improve. TV is, for the most part, such a waste of time and effort. A few good documentaries, stressing ?few? in all categories, movies, occasional series, hockey, news (CBC, PBS) occasionally. I?d say I want to spend about 8-10 hours a week on media including a movie out. That would be what, 15-20% of one?s leisure time? I usually get my news via radio so eight hours might do it. That?s a work day so maybe I watch too much TV and maybe I can?t count.

There has to be a better way and hopefully Google and Apple are in a good race.


In the meantime, Google is killing off Buzz. What?s up with this? Would be interesting to see John or other go after this piece of news. Never used it but know I would definitely not use anything with a + in it.

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