Google+ Adds Business, Band, Brand Pages

Google announced Monday the long-awaited addition of “pages” to Google+, the search giant’s online social networking competitor to Facebook. Pages allow Google+ users to create an identity specific to a business, brand, band, or other entity and interact with customers, users, and fans through Google+.

Google+ page for Angry Birds

Google+ page for Angry Birds
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Google, being Google, is rolling out the new feature in a limited fashion at first, with just 20 companies, brands, and one band having a page at launch, including:

In a blog post, Google said that the feature would be open to others “soon.”

Google, still being Google, also said that its Google+ pages would be incorporated into its search results. As such, users can use a “+” sign in front of their Google searches to be taken directly to that entity’s Google+ page. For instance, searching for “+angry birds” takes you directly to the Angry Birds Google+ page, though we noted that “+zen bikes” does not work for that company.

In practical terms, the new feature works pretty much like other Google+ accounts. You can add a Google+ pages to your circles, and page owners can set up Hangouts with fans.