Google & Samsung Postpone Android Phone to Honor Steve Jobs

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Google and Samsung were set to announce a new Nexus phone next week at a wireless industry trade show in San Diego. In the wake of Steve Job’s death, however, the two companies decided to postpone the announcement in tribute to the technology icon.

Android Salute

The latest Nexus phone, widely expected to use the Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich software and feature curved glass, was scheduled to be announced next Tuesday. But as reported, a Google spokesman stated: “We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’ passing.”

Google and Samsung made sure to make clear that the delay was only to respect the mourning of Mr. Jobs and had nothing to do with product development issues.

This is an astounding move from rivals who are often at each other’s throats and currently embroiled in legal battles. But like many other rivals, and other leaders, they put aside their differences for the moment to respect a fallen colleague.

Many issued statements similar to Samsung’s CEO Choi Gee-Sung who said: “Steve Jobs introduced numerous revolutionary changes to the information technology industry and was a great entrepreneur. His innovative spirit and remarkable accomplishments will forever be remembered by people around the world.”

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Wow, damned impressive.


Classy move.


I dont believe that was the real reason- i think the product may not have been quite ready and/or they were more worried about the overshadowing of Jobs /sympathy purchases….but either way, kudos for the kind words for a tough competitor.  Competition is raising the bar for all devices….


Upon further consideration- they may have planned a fairly aggressive campaign against iphone 4s (” the true iphone killer”, etc) that would have appeared quite insensitive with recent events…


Whatever the reason(s), kudos to them for honouring Steve.

I’m sure it’s some comfort to his family & friends

yet another steve

Classy, yes.

But also: I just don’t think Sergey is in a mood to bash Apple right now. This is a guy who inspired them back before they were the guys who inspired as well. It’s a personal thing. And a knowledge that a lot of the tech community (except for a few classless bloggers—my gawd you can’t wait until after the funeral even?) isn’t really in the mood either.

As as software developer for decades myself I gotta say: this one feels personal. it HURTS.

No ulterior motive.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

When this broke this morning, I thought it was hilarious that the tech press _speculated_ that this delay _might_ have been out of respect for Steve Jobs, and the commentariatati on all the tech blogs was quick to jump on any other explanation. IIRC, it was cnet that contacted Samsung to ask if it was Jobs related, as if they needed to ask.

It’s like the whole industry has Ass Burgers. Their original joint statement wasn’t even subtle in its respect and they had to explain it. smh.


The outpouring of respect, pain and sense of loss amongst Steve Jobs’ colleagues and peers has, in my view, been as genuine as it has been spontaneous. CNN (or BBC - I forget which, nor does it matter) did a spot in which the journalist acknowledged that Steve Jobs was the most consistently (literally, to a person) cited mentor to other CEOs in the tech world.

Rivalry between corporations is just business. Mentorship is personal. Whatever the differences between corporations, the respect these leaders have for one another is abiding and unaffected (as in genuine). I see no reason to question their humanity, or that they might respond as would any other feeling human being.

My estimation of their character has just gone up by an order of magnitude.

Well done.


Well said, wab95

On the matter of the technical press,  Brad.  I’m mildly surprised how many senior figures in tech media circles had never actually met Steve Jobs.


This week we have witnessed finer minds in the Android world than the trash we hear from some Apple haters. They sully the Android name and needs to be ignored. Remember where trash belongs and to answer it, is only to spread and encourage the smell.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

This is for the master troll baiter.

And this is for you wab95. I’m a little more cynical about it. I think there’s some expectation right now that as Steve-us is beatified, none of the negatives will be ever be discussed again. So, as a corporate citizen in this space, you play along with the crowd to (a) make sure everyone knows you care and (b) perhaps offer a carrot to Apple to end the wars.


I?m a little more cynical about it. I think there?s some expectation right now that as Steve-us is beatified, none of the negatives will be ever be discussed again.

The passing of a great leader provides us with an opportunity to lift ourselves above the petty and the mundane, even if momentarily, and become better, nobler people, if only for a moment.

We reflect on the achievements and the good qualities of that leader, not simply to honour and celebrate his life, important as it is to acknowledge a life’s work; but to remind ourselves of what is possible, of what we might achieve and of what we can become, within the limits of our own efforts, capacities and circumstances. It is an opportunity to be inspired. It is our nature as a species, across cultures and time, to take a moment and reflect both on what was, and what might yet be.

One’s profession and rank does not change that fundamental human nature. Your cynicism is your right, but it is also a choice, just as it is a choice to pause for a moment’s reflection.

The global community in general, and the Apple community in particular will move on, but allowing people to take a moment to pause and reflect, Brad, does something else, an important something else. It allows people time to identify what is important in life, and then to take those lessons and move beyond the past and mere personality, and get back to the business of the present and the future; hopefully with better insight and focus, and a renewed sense of determination. 

If there is any insight that I’ve gleaned from these past few days, it is that Steve Jobs’ death removes his personality from the equation of what comes next, and instead allows us to focus on what his greatest invention, Apple Inc, can do vis-a-vis the competition. If anything, this provides more, not less, opportunity for healthy debate and discussion of the merits of the industry’s technologies and strategies.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

The passing of a great leader provides us with an opportunity to lift ourselves above the petty and the mundane, even if momentarily, and become better, nobler people, if only for a moment.

I’ll give you points for irony. The dude was the Helvetica font of pettiness. I don’t think anyone wants to disallow anyone else from taking their moment, or day, or week, or whatever. But it just comes off as a giant exercise in signaling. I’d feel better about the whole thing if anyone were interested in some balance. The tech world is littered with people he mocked, belittled, tore down, etc. who, when it happened, thought that it was as if Santa Claus had shot their dog and banned them from Disneyland for life.

I guess one of the cool things to come out of this is that my moment of humiliation by the guy was used as a lead by TechCrunch (and no, that wasn’t me asking the question). TechCrunch used the clip to show how decisive he was. No context of course, like that he wasn’t iCEO yet, the OpenDoc developers were told that even though OD was maintenance moded, it would be in the Blue Box (Classic) for a long time to come, etc. Nope, Steve was proud to have put a bullet through it and proud that he had no idea what document centric computing was, well other than “containers”. What an a-hole. I remember telling a couple of prominent Mac Press guys after his show that he’d lose interest and be gone in a few months, and that we’d just wait him out. LOL. You guys all know this fireside chat almost didn’t go down because some staffer brought him the wrong brand of bottled water, right? Yep. Mercurial cuddly, teddy bear Steve. Fond memories.

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