Google: Apple Isn’t Dumping Our Maps from iPhone

Apple’s soon to be unveiled iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will continue to rely on Google’s map offerings instead of switching to an in-house tool, despite rumors to the contrary. The two companies recently extended their maps deal for iOS devices, according to Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Google MapsGoogle: We’re still in iOS 5

Mr. Schmidt confirmed the ongoing map technology deal during an interview at the AllThingsD conference, according to Reuters. Apple’s iOS currently uses Google’s map technology for the Maps app and location-based tools.

Google’s mapping features include street maps, satellite views of the ground, current traffic data, directions to locations, and a street view that shows actual buildings.

Apple had been rumored to be developing its own map technology for iOS devices in a move to push Google out of the iPhone and iPad. Based on Mr. Schmidt’s comments, however, it seems the two companies will continue to work together.

Apple and Google have been competing in the smartphone market ever since the Internet search giant launched its Android OS for mobile devices. Android is being used by several smartphone makers to try to compete head-to-head with Apple’s popular iPhone.

The next version of iOS, called iOS 5, will be shown off on June 6 at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Company CEO Steve Jobs will be speaking at the event’s keynote where iOS 5, along with Mac OS X Lion and the new iCloud service will also take the stage.

With Google’s confirmation that iOS 5 will continue to rely on its mapping technology, it looks like Apple’s own location-based mapping technology won’t be leaving the labs — at least not yet.