Google Beats Apple in Favorability Survey

Google is the most well-liked tech company in the United States, according to a Langer Research survey last week for ABC News and The Washington Post (via CNN). Google beat out rivals Apple, Facebook, and Twitter to take the top spot in the American telephone survey, conducted April 1.

Top Tech Companies Favorability

Chart by The Mac Observer from Langer Research data.

Respondents gave an 82 percent favorable rating to the innovative search and advertising giant, beating out Apple’s 74 percent. Recent Instagram purchaser Facebook had a 58 percent favorability rating while Twitter ranked surprisingly low at 34 percent (however, Twitter also had the highest “don’t know” rating, 31 percent, indicating that the company is simply not yet well known enough for many respondents to draw a conclusion). 

Perhaps a sign of trouble for Apple, known for its fanatic consumers, was that only 37 percent favored the company “strongly,” with the remainder only “somewhat” favoring it. Google had a much higher “strong” favorability rating of 53 percent, indicating that its free services and software have overcome many concerns about its collection of user data. 

It remains to be seen if the recent public bashing that Apple took over working conditions at its primary supplier Foxconn has or will have a significantly negative impact on the brand’s favorability among the general public. On Tuesday, IHS iSuppli released a report predicting that major brands like Apple that outsource their manufacturing needs risk tarnishing their brand over working conditions at foreign factories.