Google Buying VoIP Company GIPS

Google is in the process of purchasing Global IP Solutions, a company that specializes in handling Voice Over IP, or VoIP, data. The deal will give the Internet search company control over the voice chat technology used by services like WebEx, Citrix and Yahoo!Messenger.

Once the purchase is completed, Google could start rolling GIPS voice chat features into its own products such as Google Voice and gTalk, and it could potentially position the company as a competitor to Skype.

“GIPS’s technology provides high quality, real-time audio and video over an IP network, and we’re looking forward to working with the GIPS team at Google to continue innovating for the Web platform,” commented Google Engineering Director, Rian Lienbenberg.

The purchase still needs to work its way through the customary approval process, but Google said it doesn’t expect to come up against any problems. The deal will set Google back about US$68.2 million, and the two companies are hoping to complete the process before the end of August.