Google Buys, Kills reMail

reMail announced on Wednesday that it has been purchased by Google and in the same breath announced that its reMail app for the iPhone and iPod touch is no longer available through Apple's App Store.

reMail was a popular app with iPhone users looking for a tool that offered fast email searching, and was considered by many to be superior to Apple's own Mail app. The app was a favorite among Gmail users, too.

Despite the application's popularity, Google and reMail decided to drop it from the App Store.

"You might be wondering what will happen with reMail's product," reMail CEO, Gabor Cselle, said. "Google and reMail have decided to discontinue reMail's iPhone application, and we have removed it from the App Store."

Mr. Cselle will join Google's Gmail team as product manager -- a team he should be familiar with since he was an intern with the group in 2004. Google isn't saying what plans it has -- if any -- for reMail.