Google CEO: I’m OK on Apple Board

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Google's announcement that it plans to release a new operating system dubbed Chrome has some wondering whether or not Eric Schmidt, the company's CEO, should give up his position on Apple's board of directors. Mr. Schmidt, however, doesn't see any conflict of interest even though his company is working on an operating system that could potentially compete with Mac OS X.

According to the Associated Press, Mr. Schmidt doesn't have any plans to step down from Apple's board, or to excuse himself from meetings that involve discussions about the company's operating system for the Mac.

This isn't the first time Google's CEO has found himself in a potential conflict of interest on Apple's board. Google's Android operating system for smartphones is seen as a competitor to Apple's iPhone, and Mr. Schmidt does stay out of board discussions that involve the combination iPod and smartphone.

The Federal Trade Commission, however, is looking into whether or not Mr. Schmidt's and Arthur Levison's -- an Apple and Google board member -- positions on Apple's board of directors could have a negative impact on competition. If the FTC does see a problem, the men may have to excuse themselves from even more Apple meetings, or potentially step down.

Mr. Schmidt plans to continue with business as usual during the FTC's investigation, and presumably afterwards -- unless the agency tells him otherwise.

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I’m sure he’s okay being on Apple’s board. However, as an Apple shareholder, I’m not okay with him being on the board.


Dr. Schmidt is an asset to Apple’s board. He is the only one on the board with a PhD. in Computer Science.  On the other hand I doubt that the board ever discusses any details of the OS.  Boards discuss policy and goals, which is where someone like Eric Schmidt is of great value.

Tim Cook is a fine exec and maybe should have a seat on the board, but that does not mean he is a replacement for Dr. Schmidt.

Give Mr. Cook a seat on Google’s board, to even thing up!



This is no doubt a conflict of interest and if you disagree, your blind and ignorant of the laws. If he doesn’t step down, the government should force it. Sure they want to squash ms but share holders should be screaming for his resignation. I for one don’t trust google being on the board but thats my personal view.

dizi izle

i think google ceo thinking bing to days :D


Of course that Eric feels OK inside Apple. It is called Corporate Espionage because he as access to the Corporate Network of Apple and that includes the Development Areas responsible for Researching and Building new Products. The fact that Eric is a Phd does matter because Steve Jobs does not have one and it is consider by many as having the most deeper knowledge of IT. I think that Apple should response to Google doing the same. Apple should start making a competitor to the Google Search.Engine.

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