Google Edges Jelly Bean Closer to Release

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Google announced on Monday that the company was releasing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the open source community, a step that usually indicates the company is getting close to officially shipping the next major release of the mobile operating system. Jean-Baptiste Queru, technical lead for the open source side of Android, made the announcement on the company’s developer forums.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google officially announced Jelly Bean at the company’s I/O developer conference in June. This version of Android is aimed at both tablets and smartphones, and it was the featured OS for Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet that was also unveiled at the conference.

To that end, Mr. Queru noted that, “Proprietary binaries are available for Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus. Nexus S and Xoom will follow.”

Jelly Bean will be an important release for Google as the company works to make a dent in the world of tablets with the Nexus 7. Jelly Bean could also bring Android’s voice command infrastructure up to par with Apple’s Siri. As such, it’s the first version of Android that The Mac Observer considers all that interesting—you’re mileage will certainly vary.

In the meanwhile, BetaNews noted that this step is the first in the process of releasing an OS to general availability. It’s the open source framework that the company’s many OEMs use to adapt the OS to their own hardware.

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Lee Dronick

I might as well do it , I can’t resist temptation like this.

“Sounds like the plan is finally starting to gel.”


Lee D:

I might as well do it , I can?t resist temptation like this.

I know what you mean, jelly bean.

Lee Dronick

Got that right Buck, ya would think that they got Pee-wee Herman to name their products. Ice Ceam Sandwich, Jelly Bean! What is next, Kettle Corn? Even Samsung is cooler.


You don’t think they’re pointing fun at apple’s ridiculous names for their software? Like mountain lion, or snow Leopard?

Perry Clease

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, those names are not ridiculous.


Can’t criticise the OS so you make fun of the name? Oh apple fans…Truth is jelly bean has worked flawlessly on my gnex. It’ll definitely crush the competition.

Bryan Guerrero

But Wait! Ubuntu’s Natty Narwhal is coming to the rescue!


It?ll definitely crush the competition.

What, exactly, is the “competition”? Android 2.2? 2.3? 3?

Lee Dronick

Seriously, I am trying to figure out what qualities that they are trying invoke with their product names and to which demographic they are they appealing. Maybe they are just trying to get away from sounding too tech. If so then from my perspective it is too far to the other side, the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle.

Lee Dronick

I think that I figured it out during my morning constitutional. I mentioned “sweet spot” and that my be what is in their names. Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean which are sweet and fun things which make you feel good.

Of course there is a downside to such candies. They will rot your teeth if you don’t take care and the sugar rush is short lived.


As far as I concerned this is all vaporware.  Six months after my dual-core Android phone was released, they EOL’d it, and I can’t get Gingerbread let alone Jellybean.  The support for these phones is ridiculously poor.  I will not buy Android again.  Here’s to hoping the iPhone 5 makes it to T-Mobile.


But Wait! Ubuntu?s Natty Narwhal is coming to the rescue!

Nothing like a well-dressed, horned sea creature to save the day!


As far as I concerned this is all vaporware.? Six months after my dual-core Android phone was released, they EOL?d it, and I can?t get Gingerbread let alone Jellybean.? The support for these phones is ridiculously poor.? I will not buy Android again.? Here?s to hoping the iPhone 5 makes it to T-Mobile.

What phone is that? I didn’t think there are any dual-core Android phones still on 2.2.

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