Google Goes + with Social Networking, iPhone App Coming

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Apple unveiled its Google+ social networking service on Tuesday in what looks like a move to take on Facebook. The service is currently in beta, like so many of Google’s projects, and it’s invite-only, so don’t expect to start playing with it right away.

Google PlusGoogle+

Google+ works like a group social networking with Circles, Hangouts and Sparks. Circles lets users categorize friends in groups, Hangouts is a video chat feature, and Sparks is a social sharing feature that learns the type of online content you’re interested in.

Google has already released an Android OS-based app for Google+, and for now iPhone users can access the service through a special Web interface. Google says an iOS-native app is on the way, but didn’t say how long it will be before it is available on Apple’s App Store.

Google+ is only hours old, so there’s no way to tell yet just how successful it will be. Considering the abysmal failure Google Buzz turned out to be, however, the Internet search giant will most likely play it safe and roll out Google+ slowly in hopes of a better chance for success. 



Lets see. I’m not sure I trust Google with private data but I look forward to somebody taking down Facebook and Zuckerburg. Really conflicted on this.

Considering the abysmal failure Google Buzz turned out to be,

Or Ping


Buzz and Ping were “me too” add-ons. Google+ has a few interesting features that sound new, namely Circles and Hangouts. (I’m not interested in Sparks, I like to wait for word of mouth to know things are worth my time.)

However, I really really don’t want Google, king of search and data collection from everything, to have any more useful data on me.  I like separation of powers, so I’d rather do search with Google, email with Yahoo, and social with Facebook like I’m doing now.

The only data I like Google and Facebook to have is that I do not want to see “meet online singles” ads. Facebook knows that I’m married and they still give me those ads. So everyone who says we shouldn’t complain about privacy because the data is just used to give better ads, well, Facebook ain’t doin’ it right.(And Yahoo, I really don’t need one more “weird trick”. Can’t you get any higher quality companies to advertise with you?)

Besides, I learned paranoia from my dad (computer programmer in his 50s) who still refuses to use a credit card online. At least I’m not *that* afraid of the internet. I just want a little control over who has all my background data and family photos.


I think you meant to start with Google not Apple.

Lion got heaps of Twitter hooks but little Facebook. Not sure they’d risk adding Google + but then, who knows? tongue wink

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