Google has “Amazing” Map Plans for iPhone, iPad

Even though Apple is replacing Google’s mapping services in iOS 6 with its own, the Internet search giant said it still has plans to bring what company vice president of commerce, Jeff Huber, called an “amazing Google Maps experience” to the iPhone.

Mr. Huber shared that information in comments to a Google blog post he wrote about an Google Maps Street View exhibit at the Computer History Museum.

Google has "amazing" plans for iOS mapsGoogle has “amazing” plans for iOS maps

“Just REALLY hope all this hard work is sill appreciable from an iOS device,” William Dowell said in the blog post comments. “I can assure you that just because some of us have iPhones and iPads doesn’t mean we don’t prefer Google Maps over the elementary stuff Apple is said to be proposing.”

Mr. Huber responded with, “We look forward to providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS.”

Apple confirmed rumors that it was dropping Google’s map service in favor of its own system during a preview of iOS 6 during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presentation earlier this month. Apple said its map service will include “Apple-designed cartography,” with vector-based map elements that Apple says will look better, turn-by-turn navigation, crowd-sourced traffic information, and a flyover mode with photo-realistic 3D views.

The Apple-based map system is supposed to offer better performance on iOS devices compared to Google’s maps.

iOS 6 is scheduled for a fall release.

Mr. Huber didn’t say exactly what Google has planned for its iOS map offerings, but it seems likely the company is working on a new iPhone and iPad-native app.

[Thanks to 9to5Mac for the heads up. Some image elements courtesy Shutterstock.]