Google, Intel, & Sony to Add Android OS to TVs

Google is set to announce Wednesday that the company will team with Intel and Sony Corp. to add Android OS-based Internet connectivity to Some of Sony’s flat-panel TVs, according to BusinessWeek. The deal would have Intel providing the processor and Google the OS for Sony TVs so that they access Internet content directly on the TV set.

Google doesn’t charge for Android OS licensing, but the company would have another platform on which to sell ads. The company would also be able to leverage its prodigious search-related services, again selling ads for the new eyeballs. Intel obviously benefits by selling more silicon, while Sony will have to reliable partners for offering its customers a direct link to the Internet on their TVs.

“The TV manufacturers are starting to look at this as a checklist, or checkbox for Internet connectivity,” Jason Blackwell of ABI Research told BusinessWeek.

The move will, in some ways, vaguely increase the amount of competition between Google and Apple in that Apple competes in the living room with Apple TV. The two models are not even close to being alike, but it’s an easy argument to make that consumers that do access Internet content on their TVs are likely to limit the number of devices with which they do it.

Apple TV, which allows users to access iTunes content on their home networks, as well as TV, movies, trailers, and YouTube videos, has consistently been labeled a “hobby” by Apple executives, and the company does not break out specific sales numbers of the devices.