Google Introduces "Buzz" Social Information Sharing Service

Google announced Tuesday a new service the company is calling Buzz, a social information sharing service the company is building into Gmail. Buzz allows users to share information, links, pictures, videos, etc. to their friends on Gmail. The company claims the service helps users find the signal in the tidal wave of information noise.

"Our belief is that organizing the social information on the web -- finding relevance in the noise -- has become a large-scale challenge, one that Google's experience in organizing information can help solve," the company said in a blog post. "We focused on building an easy-to-use sharing experience that richly integrates photos, videos and links, and makes it easy to share publicly or privately (so you don't have to use different tools to share with different audiences)."

As mentioned above, Buzz is built into Gmail, and friends are automatically followed based on who you e-mail and chat with the most.

Buzz is built on open protocols, according to Google, and the service currently ties into Flickr and Twitter, as well as Google's own Picasa and Google Reader services.

Google is also releasing a mobile version of the service called Google Buzz for Mobile. The smartphone app allows users to consume and create Buzz content, but it also allows users to geotag their post with GPS coordinates for those who wish to add that kind of context to their Buzz notes.

The demo video was made with an Android device, and the app is not yet available on the App Store.