Google Introduces the Nexus Q, Streaming TV Accessory

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Google QGoogle has announced the Nexus Q, an entertainment device that interfaces an Android device to your TV system. It’s similar to the Apple TV with with fewer sources, but an audio amplifier included.

The 4.6-inch sphere connects to an HDTV with HDMI and can queue up content from any Android device, not just the owner’s. That social aspect of the device is emphasized by Google. Included is a 25 watt amplifier and TOSLink optical audio out (SPDIF).

A 100Base-T connector or 802.11 b/g/n wireless, allows connection to the Internet, but services are limited to Google Play Music, Google Play Movies and TV and YouTube. Google cites thousands of movies and TV shows instantly available.

The built-in amplifier and speaker outputs eliminates the need for an A/V amplifier if one is bypassing the TV’s speakers. A pair of Triad bookshelf speakers are listed as an accessory for US$399.00.

The Nexus Q will ship in “2-3 weeks” and is priced at US$299.00.



Image Credits: Google

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It does sound like an Apple TV with a more feature-rich AirPlay and no “built-in” apps. I kept expecting them to say “oh, and it has Google TV” but nope. I wonder if that’s a sign that Google TV isn’t coming back any time soon?


Funny, it costs $100 more than the tablet!!

John Martellaro

Once again Google prices there competitor Apple TV to high with once again no content. Strike two Google. Made in the USA or not, the price is to high.


Price too high,
Features too low,
‘Scuse me now,
I gotta go.


I guess by calling the Nexus Q an “Android device” they simply mean it runs Android (of some flavor) and interoperates with Android phones and tablets. They never said it could run Android apps; if it can the apps would probably need rewriting for the non-touchscreen.

I wonder if Google (or anyone) will make an iOS client that can interact with the Nexus Q.


No one has even mentioned the absurd form factor. Roku and Apple TV fit within the space between my relatively small HDTV and the cabinet it stands on. (IOW, they are shorter than the built-in stand.) I could also stack them if I wanted to. It’s ironic that many of the people who will go for this or the Boxee Box complain that Apple is all style over substance.


I already have a $299 device connected to my TV…. a PlayStation 3. In addition to NetFlix, music and photos it also plays Blu-Ray discs and lots of great games! wink

Dean Lewis

I like the absurd form factor, but I have room for a little showy piece like this or the Boxee sunken box thing. Even then, I have a Roku right now, so form factor apparently isn’t the deciding factor for me, but I’m glad to see people do something different and give options for some interesting “sculpture” to look at.

I’m with archimedes, though. At that price, it’s competing with the XBox and PS3 as a hub device, and the latter can do BluRay and games, too. So, my money is there.


RonMacGuy:  That?s because it?s made in the U.S.

Is this a moral move? If it fails, will the entire initiative to bring jobs back to the US fail? What does this mean for immigration? San Jose has a huge migrant population, and California itself has a huge illegal immigrant issue where the immigrants are paid less, work longer hours, and have fewer benefits than are required under California state law, but have no recourse because they’re working in the country illegally.

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