Google Introduces the Nexus Q, Streaming TV Accessory

Google QGoogle has announced the Nexus Q, an entertainment device that interfaces an Android device to your TV system. It’s similar to the Apple TV with with fewer sources, but an audio amplifier included.

The 4.6-inch sphere connects to an HDTV with HDMI and can queue up content from any Android device, not just the owner’s. That social aspect of the device is emphasized by Google. Included is a 25 watt amplifier and TOSLink optical audio out (SPDIF).

A 100Base-T connector or 802.11 b/g/n wireless, allows connection to the Internet, but services are limited to Google Play Music, Google Play Movies and TV and YouTube. Google cites thousands of movies and TV shows instantly available.

The built-in amplifier and speaker outputs eliminates the need for an A/V amplifier if one is bypassing the TV’s speakers. A pair of Triad bookshelf speakers are listed as an accessory for US$399.00.

The Nexus Q will ship in “2-3 weeks” and is priced at US$299.00.



Image Credits: Google