Google Maps Adds a Layer for Weather

Google announced a new version of Google Maps on Thursday that added an option to overlay weather information to maps. The weather layer adds real-time information that is available world-wide.

Google Maps with weatherGoogle Maps new weather feature

The new weather feature can be turned on or off through the existing Web page widget that also offers several other options such as satellite or traffic views.

The weather information is displayed as a list along the left-hand side of the maps and over specific locations on maps. More details can be viewed by clicking specific map locations.

The information can be toggled between Fahreinheit or Celsius display and windspeeds can also be toggled between miles per hour, kilometers per hour, and meters per second. And if you’d prefer to see the terrain or other features, you can whisk the clouds away with the push of a button.

Google partnered with the Naval Reseach Lab to provide the data.