Google Mobile App for iOS Adds Push Notifications for Gmail and Calendar

Google has updated Google Mobile App for iPhone and iPad to version, an update that adds Push notifications for both Gmail and Google Calendar. Google Mobile App is a dedicated app for using Google’s many services on iOS devices, and the addition of Push notifications for Gmail and Google Calendars is a long-awaited feature.

Some users on iTunes are initially complaining that the feature doesn’t actually work. Our spotchecks have found the feature to work properly, however, though we should note that the update doesn’t include audio alerts.

Not mentioned in Google’s patch notes on iTunes, but listed in Google’s blog post about the update, is a new feature that returns some search information as you type your query.

“We’ve also added spiffy features to get you information faster,” David Singleton, Engineering Manager for Google Mobile App, wrote. “When looking for flight info, weather, stock quotes or currency conversion you’ll see answers before you even hit ‘Search’.”

Google Mobile App is free.

You can see a Push notification and the badge alert in the screenshots below.

Google Mobile App Screenshot (with Push notification)Google Mobile App Screenshot (with Push notification)

Google Mobile App Screenshot (with Push notification)