Google Nexus One Phone Plan Details Leaked

Details of Google's own Nexus One smartphone found their way onto the Internet, and if accurate, reveal how much users will pay for the device and how much their T-Mobile contract will set them back.

According to Gizmodo, Google will sell the Android-based Nexus One unlocked and unsubsidized for US$530. A subsidized version is also available for $180 and requires a T-Mobile Even More + Text + Web plan for $79.99 a month.

Google will apparently sell the Nexus One internationally, too, but only five handsets can be purchased per user account -- presumably to help prevent grey market resellers.

The Internet search giant also sent out invitations to a special media event scheduled for January 5, leading to speculation that the Nexus One will officially launch just days before CES.

Google's Nexus One smartphone may be drawing lots of interest, but isn't likely to be the game changing device some are hoping for. With a price point in line with other handsets and a single service plan for the subsidized version, Nexus One will more likely be just another popular player in the smartphone game.