Google Offers Shopping App (for Android Only)

Google launched a new mobile app called Google Shopper Thursday that helps users find more information, pricing, and places to buy CDs, books, DVDs, or any product with a barcode. Better yet, you can do this just by pointing your phone's camera at the cover art (where appropriate) or barcode, or even just by speaking the name of the product into your phone. Unfortunately, Google Shopper is currently available on Android only - iPhone owners need not apply.

In the video below, you can see the video in action, and Michael Gartenberg characterized the app as "borderline science fiction" in a Twitter post. the closes thing we've seen to this kind of feature in software is Delicious Library for the Mac, which is aimed much more at scanning barcodes through a camera, and less about recognizing cover art or being able to speak the title.

No word from Google yet on whether it will bring the software to iPhone. Relations between the two companies seemed to have chilled since Google went into the smartphone, browser, and operating system businesses in competition with Apple. the chilled relations have included Google CEO Eric Schmidt's ouster from Apple's board and a rant from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who declared that Google's "Do No Evil" slogan was "a load of crap" in an Apple employee town hall meeting.

You can see Google Shopper in the video below.