Google Officially Launches Beta Music Service

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Google officially announced its Music Beta by Google service on Tuesday, putting to rest the rumors claiming it would do just that. The Internet search giant unveiled its online music storage service at its Google I/O conference, and promised it would be free — at least for now.

Like most of Google’s offerings, its Music storage service is beta for now. The company says it will offer native Android smartphone and tablet support, along with Web browser access.

Google’s service mimics Amazon’s in that it lets users upload their own music to a Web-based server, and includes a native Android app. It also includes support for custom playlists, the ability to edit track information, offers wireless playlist syncing with Android devices, and lets users listen to synced music when offline.

Music Beta apparently won’t be free forever, although the company hasn’t said yet how much it will cost, or when users will have to start paying. Google’s Music Beta is available by invitation only for now.

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Honestly, I don’t see the benefit here as in practice it functions exactly the same way a locally stored collection would. Save for Google’s name having been slapped on it, it’s limitations are identical to other fee-based streaming services, and why, pray tell, would I shell out for that? Color me unimpressed (looking at you too, Amazon, and preemptively, Apple). Big meh.


Honestly, I don?t see the benefit… Save for Google?s name having been slapped on it… and ...Amazon, and preemptively, Apple… Big meh.

I suspect this Google investment is mainly a pre-emptive strike against Apple’s (and/or Amazon’s) looming threat to iPod-ize the whole nascent online music storage service business; it merely hopes to serve as a confuser & market-diluter before Apple gets a chance to dominate (again).


As someone who is impressed with the synching ability of the Calengoo Apps on my iPhone and IPad, I think this looks interesting.  Perhaps Apple can come up with something that is better.


No arguments here, BurmaYank, but essentially what the Goog announced at I/O was they invented FM radio (albeit featuring your own music) and pay per-view television. Bold innovation, that. wink

Here’s a thought (that has been bludgeoned to death at this point): how about taking the wind out of your competitor’s sails by making compelling products, guys?


More interesting than I expected. Although they’re leaving out the hassle of uploading tens of gigabytes to the cloud. Because without the music companies on board, I don’t think they can get away with storing just one copy of a song for everyone. I doubt that Apple will even get to do that except for iTunes purchases.

I could be wrong, though.

And I do find the synching compelling. If iTunes would just store my library file in the cloud, then transfer music around as necessary: one main collection, all devices with synched playlists and if a device happens to want a song that it doesn’t have, iTunes seamlessly transfers it down. I don’t need the music files in the cloud necessarily.

And…is it just me or is the lack of a scroll bar in the post comments window a real PITA?


Use a webkit based browser like Safari or Chrome and you can just drag on the corner of any text box to dynamically resize it:)


The text box, yes, I can. But not the frame in which the text box is located. A scroll bar in the frame would help greatly.

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